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Our technology harnesses the world’s most powerful platforms with elegance and precision. Read how you can use the power of our infrastructure to work your magic.


One-on-one advertising is more than a buzzword, for us. It’s our next goal, our sole focus. Discover how we can help you stand head and shoulders above the crowd.


Enthusiastic as we are about technology, it’s people who really drive our passion. Discover our indispensable human element, and their mastery of technology.

Bannerconnect provides infrastructure and services for digital media trading

The most demanding vertical networks, advertisers, media agencies, and trading desks rely on Bannerconnect. Powered by an unabashed enthusiasm for technology, and driven to always do better for ourselves and for our clients, we believe in the craft of advertising.

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The drive to conquer new frontiers and measure yourself against exciting new challenges is paramount in any field. Our chosen business just happens to have a couple more frontiers, and a lot more challenges than most. These are the people who conquer them.

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Data is only as valuable as the people who interpret it, otherwise it's just stacks of numbers and facts. We have some brilliant, driven minds on our side who help us make sense of this crazy Big Data world.

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Vision leads the way, and we place great stock in always looking ahead to great opportunities for our industry. These are our visionaries.

Our work. Your words.

Bannerconnect is really cool. They were one of the first to figure out that the AppNexus platform is so powerful and open that they could build their own incredible solutions on top of it. With deep specialist knowledge, they challenge us to improve and its a really productive relationship. AppNexus powers the advertising that powers the internet and I’m really proud of the way Bannerconnect helps others innovate on top of the technology; it moves the whole industry forward.

Brian O’Kelley
Brian O’KelleyCEO & Co-FounderAppNexus

Bannerconnect has been our trustworthy partner for more than 7 years. Thanks to their cutting edge technical support, our European Ad Sales team is able to give the best service to media agencies and advertisers, based on the latest technical developments. With Bannerconnect as our partner, our Ad Sales Teams can focus on their core: selling. Trafficking of campaigns, the best monetization of our inventory, all captured in a tailor made dashboard, with proactive service and support, changes “working with” Bannerconnect into “Having Fun”. Exactly what we offer consumers on our games website Zylom!

Madelon Hoekstra-Fortuin
Madelon Hoekstra-FortuinManaging Director GameHouse Europe BV

At Mediasynced, our focus is on cross media advertising innovations. That means we search for partners that have the knowledge and tenacity to follow through when the going get’s tough. I can only name a few companies that fit such a profile and Bannerconnect is certainly one of them. They were the first partner to launch realtime synchronization of TV and online campaigns on Appnexus, which was a world premier. And investing in innovation led to results: it was the start of many successful joint campaigns since, with many more to follow!

Mark vd Crommert
Mark vd CrommertCEOMediasynced

Bannerconnect have consistently maintained a superior level of service and regularly exceeded our expectations. Advanced technical experience means we are at the forefront of programmatic buying, and their thorough approach has seen great results for many of our clients across finance, travel, education and B2B. Their expertise in digital trading technology, and their wealth of experience make them an indispensable partner to our growing business over and over.

Emma Collins
Emma CollinsHead of CommercialAgenda Media Ltd

MEC Amsterdam set out to be the most digitally progressive media agency in the Netherlands, and Bannerconnect’s technical and operational expertise allowed us to take the lead in programmatic trading and  data analysis. They are our #1 technology partner in a two way relationship that we are proud of!

Elja Polak
Elja PolakHead Of DigitalMEC

The relationship between Weight Watchers and Bannerconnect evolved step by step from being one of many lines in our mediaplan to being the only big line. They do not only excel in their experience in automated trading, they also take the lead in bringing this complex industry to the next level by continuous innovation AND also in educating and informing advertisers of which customers like Weight Watchers can take all advantage. And last but not least, our results are more than satisfying!

Jeroen Kroes
Jeroen KroesManager Online BeneluxWeightwatchers

Since working with Bannerconnect we have not only improved ROI significantly across a variety of clients, but also had the pleasure of a fully managed service from true programmatic trading experts. Having traded digital media in many forms over the years, Bannerconnect is a breath of fresh air and comes highly recommended from a performance, professional and relationship perspective.

Jon Brotherhood
Jon BrotherhoodFounderJGB UK


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