AppNexus Superhero Training

LONDON, 16 – 18 JUNE

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AppNexus training superhero

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s our AppNexus Superheroes!

Two of our very talented colleagues, Edward Gerits and Linda Soomers, from campaign operations joined a three day training to become AppNexus Superheroes! Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. In becoming ‘superheroes’, they are able to bring back expert knowledge to share with the rest of their teams to help us all improve our operations and fire up enthusiasm. This training was especially tailored for people who work in AppNexus on a daily basis, with sessions led by Tom Dover and George Zhao of AppNexus.

There were several markets present from across Europe and even further afield. Edward praised the industry acumen at the training, stating “The level of knowledge within the group of attendees was impressive, and we were happy to be among them”.

Our superheroes got up close and personal with the AppNexus Universe, which covered everything, from the ad call to the actual serving of the ad. Think of the bidder, Cookie Monster, Turbine, and how our own product, Bright, fits in the picture.

The second topic dealt with pacing. It was interesting to hear AppNexus’s point of view as, after all, they are the designers of the system. Edward and Linda learnt that the way Bannerconnect uses the system for daypart targeting could be improved further, and changes have since implemented. The session closed with a discussion on upcoming new features in AppNexus, which they were excited to hear about.

The training was a good time to get together and chat with other industry folks and hear their opinions and insights on Bright. Edward and Linda loved getting feedback on how Bright has helped others out in their day-to-day work with optimising campaigns, formatting data and creating reports. A few people had even heard about and were really enthusiastic about Bannerconnect’s 20/20 Project regarding exposure time, and more.

It was an excellent opportunity to brush up on old skills, learn some new moves, and get a fresh take on the AppNexus console. Linda and Edward are now able to show off their superhero status in their teams and are fully certified to Hulk Smash any problems!

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