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The workplace of the future is a place that’s not only productive and effective, but also fun and friendly, surrounded by smart, engaged and passionate peers striving towards the same goal. At Bannerconnect, besides innovating digital media and getting better results in digital advertising, we’re also determined to build the workplace of the future. One of the tools we rely on to help us get there is Officevibe, a micro-survey tool to measure employee engagement. In the year since we’ve started using Officevibe, we’ve learned a lot about how to fine-tune our organisation to match the ideals of an awesome workplace. Our employee engagement score is currently better than 75% of all companies using Officevibe globally, but we really want to be in that top 10%. Here’s what we’ve done so far and what we’ve got planned to boost our engagement.

As devotees of mastery, we know one of the best ways to get better is through regular feedback. Officevibe facilitates this by sending each employee a short survey of five random questions once a week, getting responses on questions centred on things like how happy you are at work, as well as at home, whether you have friends at work, your physical health, and whether you’re getting enough feedback and appreciation to thrive.

How to make work great again

As our manager of Product and Engineering, Robbert van der Lee states, “Officevibe is the #1 thermometer to validate our assumptions on how people are feeling in the workplace.” The option of anonymity offers a safe haven to be totally honest and forthcoming, giving as fair and unbiased result as possible. We’re no strangers to data and love to dig out the most valuable insights from Officevibe every week to see how we can improve.

Our mission, vision and core values are central to all our decisions, goals, and priorities. It’s integral that everyone knows and believes in the mission, vision and values to ensure we’re aligned and striving for the same goals.

Officevibe showed that our mission and vision weren’t yet resonating as deeply in the organisation as we’d have liked. To solve this disconnect, we introduced Radiator; an internal communication narrowcast system. TVs around the office show a short loop of our priorities, our mission, vision and other company news to keep them in view and always in mind.

As for our values, we made each one of our four core values a quarterly theme, with activities that not just boosted awareness, but ensured each person embodied that value (the best was probably the killer car race in the name of resourcefulness). Following this push, we saw a positive impact on how the mission, vision and values were perceived and understood within the company.

Officevibe helped remind us that you can’t just say something once and hope that it sticks. You have to live it and incorporate it into daily consciousness. Officevibe has helped us understand what people really appreciate in a work culture.

Believing in the work you’re doing, having meaningful relationships, and feeling like your job is taking you somewhere are some of the key pillars of employee engagement. Feedback through Officevibe made it clear that we’re not quite nailing that last one yet, so we’re working on fixing that. One of the priorities for this quarter to ensure every person has a well-defined career path with personal goals and progress indicators. This will be implemented later in the year. We’re hoping it will increase the sense of purpose and motivation people have in their jobs and make Bannerconnect an even better place to work.

Unfortunately, even with all the data and metrics, we can’t always get it right. Feedback reflected that we weren’t doing enough to promote employee health and well-being. We kicked up the emphasis on health by revamping the lunch menu, holding yoga and anti-stress workshops, extending gym benefits, encouraging walking meetings and taking more breaks, and handed out pedometers. Despite our best efforts, our wellness scores barely budged. At 6.5 out of 10, we’re not doing terribly (we rank in the top 20% of companies using Officevibe), but it’s disappointing that our effort to improve fell flat. We’re unsure why our wellness initiative didn’t bring the results we wanted. There could be something we overlooked, or it could simply be a matter of differing perceptions. Regardless, we’ll keep working on it, incorporating the feedback we get and pushing healthy practices.

Officevibe gives us a better understanding of the wants and needs of our colleagues and enables us to make informed, data-driven decisions to steer towards our goal of becoming the workplace of the future. It bridges the gap that sometimes exists between what leadership teams think is best and what people actually want in a workplace. We can’t always give everyone exactly what they want, but it’s important to try. It’s an ongoing mission, but one we’re committed to. We’ll let you know when we get into that top 10%.

If you’re interested in helping us build the workplace of the future while working in the exciting digital advertising industry, check out our vacancies today!

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