Passion at Bannerconnect: Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn

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Our four core values of Passion, Mastery, Resourcefulness and People are the essential ingredients of what it takes to be a Bannerconnect employee. Passion is all about being engaged and excited about what we do every day. It’s the ability to always be positive, even when things aren’t going your way. Passion forms the basis for so many great qualities, and provides the motivation to use your skills to their fullest. Loving your work makes you more flexible, committed to quality, and willing to go further.

Passion at Bannerconnect

How do you create a culture where passion thrives? It has to start with hiring. Passionate people are so much more fun and interesting to be around! They’re enthusiastic, fired up, and want to share knowledge and help their fellow colleagues out. Passion can’t be an instruction, it has to come from within. We always look for people who are enthusiastic, and are going to bring a lively component to our culture. Unlike our other core values, passion is usually pretty easy to spot in the first meeting (ignoring our People value for a moment). There’s not a single role within the company who doesn’t perform better in their job better because of their passion. It makes you a better developer, a better campaign optimiser, a better marketer, and of course, a better leader. Without passion, our values, Resourcefulness and Mastery, would likely fall flat. These things take time and drive to fulfil; passion is the spark that makes bigger ambitions possible.

Our HR manager, Libby, has a sharp eye for passion and reveals that she can usually spot passion in a person just in the way someone talks about their field of expertise or interest, or sometimes even in a well-crafted CV. “If you’re not passionate about your work and what we do, it’s not going to fit” she says. “At Bannerconnect, everyone has different passions, but we all meet in the middle to support the company culture.”

Our Director of Operations, Rutger, has also done his fair share of hiring, and agrees with Libby on the passion imperative. “Those who don’t have it get weeded out pretty quickly. Our recruitment process really puts candidates through their paces, with tests, interviews and presentations. Those who weren’t really interested or psyched to work with us probably wouldn’t go to the effort.” It takes passion to push you further and stand out. He goes on to say that passion is an absolute requirement for people to do well in their jobs. The digital advertising industry is always evolving, which means there is often a lot of change within the organisation and to several roles. Without passion and a willingness to be agile, the company simply wouldn’t be able to keep up. It can be tiring having to reinvent yourself every three or six months, and to stay well-informed of all the latest industry trends, insights and developments, so passion keeps you focused, interested and fresh.

Passion empowers us to give our clients the best possible service, keep innovating and exploring new areas, and power through even the less exciting days. That passion is infectious and is what keeps our culture so strong, diverse and ready for anything! It’s not a happy side-effect, it’s a necessity to be the best. The day we lose our passion is the day we cease to exist!

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