IAB Programmatic Awards: Programmatic Branding/Awareness Campaign

KPN – “Het beste van TV, komt toch online”

Deesi Li Marketeer

The IAB Programmatic Awards are the award show for everyone in the programmatic advertising industry. Finally, there is a platform where programmatic campaigns, solutions and specialists are rewarded for the amazing work they’re doing. This summer we published the cases that won an award during the IAB Programmatic Awards 2018. After the Programmatic Talent award for our ‘Rising Star’  Mart van Melick, the Programmatic Solution award for App2Web and the Programmatic Genius award for Mr. BidWiser, we’ve come to the final case that won the Programmatic Branding/Awareness Campaign award together with KPN for our optimal inview contact frequency for Online Rich Media research.

Photo from the IAB Programmatic Awards 2018

The Challenge

For KPN, we researched what the optimal inview contact frequency is for Online Rich Media when the goal is to create awareness by using their “Het beste van TV, komt toch online”-campaign. This campaign was a new proposition that consumers hadn’t seen before and was thus the best opportunity for us to set up this research because any effects seen could be attributed to this campaign. The research question was assessed by the three KPIs:

  1. proposition awareness,
  2. understanding the key message and
  3. recognition.

The research was conducted by Mindshare (research design, analysis), Kantar TNS (panel, sampling) and Bannerconnect (campaigning, linking served impressions to TNS-panel members, control on contact frequencies).

The Strategic Approach

The research question was answered by the KPIs proposition awareness, understanding the key message and recognition within a tailor-made campaign impact study. By linking campaign contacts from CORE (the DMP of Bannerconnect) to panel members of the Kantar TNS panel, the effects on the above KPIs per contact group could be made more insightful. These users were then placed in buckets and compared to each other on effect and processing sizes.

Mindshare BI made an analysis of this data and presented the final findings to KPN.

The Tactical Execution

Before the start of the campaign, a “control”-measurement was taken to compare the results of the test group. Next, the enrolment of the “test”-measurement ran from October 26, 2017, to November 10, 2017. Within this “test”-measurement, the various contact cells were filled and adjusted by Bannerconnect throughout the campaign.

A separate campaign was set up from DBM in which display ads were purchased. To increase the contact frequency, an audience was filled with users who had one inview contact within the campaign, using data from CORE: the data from the programmatic purchases from DBM were combined with viewability data from MOAT. The audience of users with one inview contact was then retargeted with the aim to increase their inview contacts and fill the buckets with a higher inview contact.

Measuring Success

In addition to DBM / DCM / Viewability (MOAT) data, CORE also contains TNS data. With these data, it is possible to provide Kantar TNS with the TNS user IDs that have been reached programmatically. Kantar TNS can examine these users from the Kantar TNS panel: one of the largest (> 200,000 respondents) and highest-quality panels in the Netherlands. As soon as the completion date of the survey is known, CORE can check how many inview contacts a user has had prior to completing the survey. This determined the final bucket in which the user was placed in the analysis.

After the enrolment of the users, all survey results were analyzed in collaboration with Mindshare BI.

The Business Impact

The research was set up to find out what the optimal inview contact frequency is for Online Rich Media when the goal is to create awareness. Key research results provide a conclusive answer to this question:

  • The research shows what the optimal contact frequency is for achieving familiarity and understanding.
  • There is also evidence for a possible stand-alone role of online for creating awareness.

These new insights offer Bannerconnect, Mindshare and KPN a well-founded awareness strategy that is widely applicable, where, based on recent data, choices can be made in the creation and inview contact frequency.

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