IAB Programmatic Awards: Programmatic Talent Rising Star Mart van Melick

Deesi Li Marketeer

The IAB Programmatic Awards are the award show for everyone in the programmatic advertising industry. Finally, there is a platform where programmatic campaigns, solutions and specialists are rewarded for the amazing work they’re doing. This summer we’ll publish the cases that won an award during the IAB Programmatic Awards 2018. The first one will be the award for our Programmatic Talent Mart van Melick in the “Rising Star” category.

Photo from the IAB Programmatic Awards 2018

Work experience

Mart is 25 years old and started working at Bannerconnect just a little over a year ago after graduating from Hogeschool Zuid studying International Business. From his enthusiasm, joy and eagerness to learn, you can tell he is exactly where he belongs at Bannerconnect.


In the past year, Mart’s knowledge and understanding of the programmatic world has grown a lot. Mart is very ambitious, not just for his own benefit, but also for every client he manages. Not long after becoming part of the team, he received numerous responsibilities such as training new colleagues and helping them understand the industry, and being a spokesperson for GroupM’s Trusted Marketplace (TMP) where colleagues can reach out to him for questions and issues. Mart is also testing and advising about the TMP proactively. These tasks all seem to come naturally for Mart.

Also, being someone who is relatively new in this world, his curiousness and enthusiasm about display, search and social has helped him become one of the first colleagues within Bannerconnect to start the process of being a certified search specialist. He managed to this all within just one year of working at Bannerconnect!

What distinguishes him from other people in the market/colleagues

At an early stage, Mart already had more responsibilities than other colleagues who had just started working at Bannerconnect. He went along on client visits and quickly started going on his own, advising and helping clients and managing their campaigns. He loves to consult clients and come up with new ideas, but the thing that makes Mart stand out from other people is his enthusiasm for programmatic and the opportunities it brings. You can’t help but get on his level of enthusiasm when talking to him.

True passion for programmatic

We always strive to make sure our campaign managers and programmatic specialists have the best tools to set up and optimize campaigns. Mart was one of the first colleagues within Operations to start testing Bidwiser (an algorithm-driven optimization tool developed by Greenhouse Group and Bannerconnect). He really wanted to understand this tool and make his campaigns better. Also, since Mart is open for any challenge, he received the challenge to set up a brand new advertiser DBM/DCM seat from top to bottom and from scratch with a strict deadline, while still managing campaigns on another platform as well. This shows his talent for multitasking and prioritizing.

Since Mart is one of the first to start the Search Specialist process within Bannerconnect,  we actually had to tell him that it wasn’t possible to also start a Social process at the same time and to keep following other (internal) courses to keep his display knowledge up to date. Mart is someone who wants to know everything, and wants to know now rather than tomorrow. It probably won’t be long after his Search process is completed that he will invest time into Social so that he can master all three disciplines the best way he can.

Enhancing programmatic advertising in the team

Mart started as a junior in our team, but his knowledge, his drive to understand and his willingness to help colleagues made him a very important asset to other colleagues. Therefore, the transition from campaign manager to programmatic specialist went very naturally and he has already created a benchmark for new colleagues to meet.

Outstanding programmatic areas

Mart really put in a great effort to understand the platforms AppNexus and DBM/DCM within a very short period of time so that he could run campaigns on both platforms smoothly.

Interesting personal fact(s)

  • He is very fanatic when it comes to playing table tennis with colleagues;
  • he loves his 500ml yogurt every morning during our team stand-up and
  • he can really enjoy an evening watching very (very) bad Dutch television like Temptation Island.

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