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Resourceful MacGyver Jr.

Resourcefulness is a word you hear thrown around a lot, especially when it comes to entrepreneurs and start-ups, focusing on working wonders on slender means. While this is a valuable quality, it’s only one definition of a very comprehensive word. Resourcefulness is one of our four core values at Bannerconnect (alongside people, passion and mastery). We want to share what it means to us, how we incorporate it into our work, and how it makes us great at what we do.

Our leadership team went to great lengths to ensure our core values are in keeping with our culture, and align with our personal values. Before finalising these values, every person in the company got to vote on a shortlist. This already indicates our resourcefulness; the leadership team could have settled on their own ideas for the company values and told everyone to adopt them. Instead our values are modelled on what already exists, individually and collectively, within Bannerconnect. That’s what makes our enthusiasm and commitment to resourcefulness that much more authentic!

For us, resourcefulness is not about saving money or doing more with less. It’s all about using what we have creatively to get the best results possible. Whether that’s finding helpful apps and tools online to optimise our workflow and take out the boring bits, using our colleagues’ expertise and growing each other’s knowledge, and working smarter, not harder. It’s about problem-solving, coming at problems from a unique perspective and trying new methods to overcome difficulties. We innovate by anticipating client needs and building a product that slots in and gets the job done. This happens at every level – when trying to define what will bring our clients, in development stages, optimising campaigns – we’re always thinking of how to beat problems and do things better.

To demonstrate the spirit of our resourcefulness and put it to the test, we’ve raised the stakes by organising a competition among our employees, The Fast and the Furious. The company has been split into five teams, each given the bare chassis of a remote control car, and the brief: it’s got to be fast and able to destroy any car that gets in its way. That’s it. Zero budget, zero limits, 100% blood, sweat and tears. Everyone gets just two hours this quarter to put towards building the car, but can use of much of their time outside of work as they’d like. We’re less than halfway through the competition on the countdown to race day, but already we’ve been blown away with tales of team members using their weekend and vacation time to work on the car, finding experts and asking for tips and guidance, and using whatever they can find in the house to make their car faster and more devastating to the competition. Roll on race day, 8 October, we can’t wait to see who will triumph.

Resources are finite. Resourcefulness is not. It shouldn’t be kept on reserve for when the going gets tough, but something we’re always thinking about and striving to embody. It’s a value that’s worked out pretty well for us so far, and we’re excited to see where it will take us next!

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