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Specialist advice

Programmatic offers many big opportunities for advertisers and publishers, but getting the knowledge and expertise to get it right can be tough. Bannerconnect offers specialist advice from some of the longest-serving and most accomplished industry professionals so you can maximise your programmatic potential.

Our specialist advice covers the following:

Media Buying Strategy

Find the best starting point for your campaigns with the flexibility to optimise towards peak performance.

To achieve the best possible outcome when starting a new campaign, you should keep the campaign setup very flexible. Be open to trying new vendors, adding data segments, and reallocate your budget towards the best performing components of the campaign. It’s also crucial to closely monitor the right metrics and KPIs, and be ready to make smart and quick decisions to boost overall campaign performance.

Trading and Supply

Identifying the right digital media inventory and supply partners can be a big challenge for media buyers, especially when the many buying and selling technologies don’t integrate seamlessly.

Having the right data gives you the upper hand when making deals with publishers. We help you harness the power of large quantities of data, connect technologies, identify the best inventory for your needs, and strike great deals with your supply partners.

Data and Technology Implementation

Today’s connected world generates more consumer data than ever, giving advertisers unprecedented ability to reach their ideal audience at the right time and place, with the right message. However, working with all these data points and extract value from it presents new challenges to overcome.

There’s a lot of talk right now about Big Data, DMPs, integrated solutions and how to make the most of all of it. We listen to your business challenges regarding data management and translate them into opportunities. This could be advising on the right vendors, reviewing RFPs, or building custom solutions with your own tech.