The Viewability Challenge 2.0

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viewability challenge

At Bannerconnect we always strive to get the most out of the media budgets we manage for our clients. This can be the lowest cost per action for performance goals, or, for instance, reach the right audience at the right time for branding goals. Thanks to our research we know that exposure time (the time an ad is in-view) is important for both performance and branding. There’s a positive correlation between exposure time and performance, while for branding purposes it’s essential that the target audience is exposed to the advertiser’s message for a minimum period of time.

Next to the urge to improve and get the best out of the media budgets, competition is also in our Bannerconnect-DNA. This is especially true for our Operations team. Whether it’s a football tournament, table tennis tournament, FIFA, Karting, Ice Hockey or a Sports Poole, many of our Operations specialists want to battle for the first place. By combining the urge to win and the urge to get the best out of the media budgets, we created the viewability challenge.

For a 5-week period, our specialists battled to become the viewability king or queen, both individually and in a team. Each team had a captain that would share the results like they do in a TV-show and motivate the team to try harder if others were performing better. To motivate the people even more, the teams and specialists could win cool prizes in addition to the biggest prize: eternal bragging rights. By giving weekly company updates, everyone at Bannerconnect could follow the results of our Operations team.

Our first viewability challenge focused on increasing the viewability percentage across our clients, while the second viewability challenge focused on increasing the exposure time. Not only did we manage to make significant optimizations during the challenge in terms of viewability and exposure time, we also noticed that these optimizations had an ongoing impact even months after the first challenge. We saw an increase in viewability percentage up to 17% for some clients managed by winner Tobias Tanger from the first viewability challenge (also the winner of the Best Campaign Manager 2017 Award at the Dutch IAB Programmatic Awards), while it was Rocco Santoro (nominated for a Dutch IAB Programmatic Award in the category Programmatic Rising Star 2017) who won the second viewability challenge focusing on exposure time by increasing the percentage impressions which are in-view for at least 3 seconds with 20% for certain clients. Rocco even received a bottle of champagne from the client for winning the exposure time challenge.

And the best of all, we did it in a fun way! Check out the video here to see for yourself :-).

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