Winning Two Awards at the IAB Programmatic Awards!

Deesi Li Marketeer

We won two awards at the IAB Programmatic Awards

For many years programmatic has been growing and growing in the advertising industry in the Netherlands, and yet there wasn’t a platform where programmatic specialists (think campaign managers, optimizers, yield managers etc) could get rewarded for the amazing work they’re doing. That was until the IAB Netherlands decided to put programmatic in the limelight!  Finally, the people behind the scenes, the ones that actually take care of campaigns, could get the recognition they deserve. On Thursday, June 15, 2017, the IAB Programmatic Awards took place for the very first time.

Ten awards were handed out, divided into two categories: Campaign Awards & Talent Awards. Five awards went to campaigns with the Best Branding / Awareness Strategy, Best Activation / Performance Strategy, Best Always-On / Full-funnel Strategy, and Most Innovative Strategy, while the other five Awards went to the Best Campaign Manager, Best Programmatic Preacher, Best Yield Manager, Best Programmatic Pioneer and Programmatic Rising Star.

All the cases were judged by the jury members that consisted of ten programmatic industry experts working in various sectors of the advertising industry. The cases with the highest scores were shortlisted and announced on May 31, and the winner of each category was determined by the individual scores given by the jury members. The winners were then announced during the IAB Programmatic Awards.

We handed in six cases, which we were happy to see were all shortlisted (details below). Luckily for us, we won two out of the six nominees! We’re very happy and proud that we’ve won the award for Best Branding/Awareness strategy for a Burst Campaign and that the award for Best Campaign Manager went to one of our amazing campaign managers, Tobias Tanger!

We want to congratulate all the winners of the IAB Programmatic Awards 2017 and give a big thank you to the IAB Netherlands for putting programmatic specialists in the spotlight they deserve!


Campaign Awards

Best Branding / Awareness Strategy
Bannerconnect Campaign Strategy: Burst campaign – WINNER!

Most Innovative Strategy
Bannerconnect/KPN – Bridging the ATL attribution gap

Talent Awards

Best Campaign Manager
Tobias Tanger – WINNER!

Best Programmatic Preacher
Rik Terpelle

Best Programmatic Pioneer
Patrick Boux de Casson

Programmatic Rising Star
Rocco Santoro

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