Winning at the IAB Programmatic Awards 2018!

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After a successful first edition of the IAB Programmatic Awards, it was time for the highly anticipated second edition on Thursday, June 14 where programmatic specialists, programmatic campaigns and programmatic solutions are rewarded.

Just like last year, ten awards were handed out. However, this year the awards were divided into three different categories: Programmatic Talent, Programmatic Campaign and Programmatic Solution awards. The Programmatic Talent awards went to the Best Campaign Manager, Rising Star, Data Hero and Sales Evangelist. The Programmatic Campaign awards were in the categories Best Performance Activation Campaign, Best Brandings / Awareness Campaign, Best Digital Out of Home campaign, Best Mobile Campaign and Best Data Driven Creative. The Programmatic Solution award went to the best Programmatic Solution.

All the cases were judged by a jury consisting of 11 experts from the programmatic industry working in various sectors of the advertising industry. Media agencies, advertisers, ad technology parties and publishers are all represented in the jury. The cases with the highest scores were shortlisted and announced on May 18, and the winner of each category was determined by the individual scores given by the jury members. Besides the individual scores given by the jury members, there was also a public vote from May 29 until June 4 for the Talent Awards which counted for 40% of the final score. The winners were then announced during the IAB Programmatic Awards on Thursday, June 14.

We sent in six cases (two of them were a joint effort between Greenhouse Group and Bannerconnect) and five of these were shortlisted (more details below)! We are so thrilled to announce that we won four (!) awards:

  1. Our Programmatic Specialist, Mart van Melick, won the Programmatic Talent award “Rising Star” ;
  2. Our KPN “Het beste van TV, komt toch online” – campaign won the Programmatic Branding/Awareness Campaign award;
  3. Together with Greenhouse Group we were shortlisted with two cases (the App2Web case and the Bidwiser case) for the Programmatic Solution Award, so we had double the chances of winning. In the end, our App2Web case took home the award.
  4. However, the Bidwiser case still won a special jury award, the Programmatic Genius Award, because the case was so innovative and fun!

Unfortunately, Tobias Tanger, who won the award for best Campaign Manager last year couldn’t hand over his Campaign Manager award to our Senior Programmatic Specialist Dennis Stal, but to us, he definitely is the Best Campaign Manager!

Congratulations to all the winners of the IAB Programmatic Awards 2018 and a big thank you to the organisation of the Programmatic Awards.

Shortlist Programmatic Awards 2018


Programmatic Talent Awards

Campaign Manager: Dennis Stal

Rising Star: Mart van Melick 

Programmatic Campaign Awards

Branding/Awareness Campaign: Bannerconnect – KPN “Het beste van tv, komt toch online” 

Programmatic Solution Awards

Bannerconnect / Greenhouse Group – App2Web 

Greenhouse Group / Bannerconnect – Bidwiser (Winner of the Programmatic Genius Award, a special jury award) 

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